New Gallery Website!

I'm so excited! I now have a dedicated website to showcase my soil life illustrations. It will be great to have a professional looking gallery to direct people to when they ask about my artwork. The website will focus on microbiology illustrations for now, but later on it will probably include more categories as my portfolio … Continue reading New Gallery Website!

Arctic Tern Painting and Winter Update

This acrylic canvas painting of an Arctic Tern was a Christmas present, so now that the gift has been given I can post it here: Tux's family lives near the coast, and when we visit I enjoy watching terns hover over the water, scouting for fish before they strike. As usual with phone pictures, the colours … Continue reading Arctic Tern Painting and Winter Update

Rotifer Dragon

Introducing the Rotidragon: In case you missed this post, basically I was supposed to be working on a rotifer illustration but I had this epic movie type music on and a dragon came out on the screen instead. Sometimes the soil illustrations feel a bit monotonous, and a little too down to earth (literally), so I occasionally … Continue reading Rotifer Dragon


Technology is amazing, until it breaks and suddenly you're feeling helpless without it. I accidentally dropped my Wacom stylus while working on a new drawing today. It just slipped out of my hand. I've dropped this thing plenty of times before, but this time it fell perfectly straight down and landed directly on the nib, pushing it up … Continue reading Oops…