We bought a farm!

We bought a farm!

Finally the long, difficult hunt is over. After a roller coaster of almosts and maybes, we have landed on a nearly perfect place and have already started prepping for the big move. No more urban noise keeping us up and stressing us out, no more construction dust coating everything we own (including our lungs), no more crowded subways and sweaty city buses. Oslo has been good to us overall and we are happy to have had the experience of living here, but now, finally, it’s time to experience “real” Norway.

It’s finally time to crack open my books on root cellars and home canning recipes, start a compost pile and learn about keeping chickens, and best of all, we can finally have a dog. I’ll also have room to set up a more comfortable art space now, and we’ll be in an environment that I find far more inspiring so this will be a very positive thing for me as an artist too.

FullSizeRender (1)

More, and better pictures of the farm will come once we have moved 🙂

We will be moving sometime in August, and I’ll post about our experience along the way. I’ll be keeping a farm section here on my art blog for the time being until we have a farm website and dedicated blog set up for that.

There is so much excitement and so much to do now that I have forgotten to eat breakfast for the last three days in a row, and I’m one of those people who never skips breakfast. We will have to sell the apartment as soon as we can, which means removing almost all of our belongings and neurotically cleaning every little speck of dust to make it look like we live in a design magazine. We have tools to buy, equipment to think about, and of course, a garden and animals to plan for. We have to remove all of our house and balcony plants for the pictures and showings, which will be quite a challenge on its own in addition to the rest. We are those people who fill up every sunny window with plants, and in our desperation to garden, we have gone so far as to start growing potatoes, peas, and lettuce in addition to herbs, and even started a tiny apple tree on the balcony.

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

Happy balcony potatoes

Right now, in between scrubbing, packing, and planning, I’m drying plantain leaves to make a salve for bug bites because it turns out the farm has a healthy population of blackflies. I’ve been living in an urban environment for so long now, I almost forgot how annoying bug bites can be.

I’ll make a separate post about the plantain salve when it’s finished.

All this cleaning, packing, and planning is hard work, and I picked up a nasty cold just in time for it, but knowing that soon we will actually start making our dream a reality is the most motivating thing in the world. Also, this work is nothing compared to what we will face once we start the farm so we are enjoying the last few weeks of our “vacation life” while we still have it.

Stay tuned for more posts about the farm and hopefully there will be some more art coming up too if I get the time 🙂




22 thoughts on “We bought a farm!

    • I came across that book a while ago but didn’t pay much attention to it because living on a farm seemed like something we would do in the far distant future. Now that we’re about to live a similar story I might have to go back and read it, perhaps I can learn a few things and avoid some newbie mistakes 😀 Thanks for the tip!

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  2. Awesome place, you have water!
    Overcoming each challenge is what it is about and plantain salve is a good start. I don’t get bit much, I steep a few spearmint leaves every day during summer and wipe my body down with a wetted washcloth. It is healing for scratches too. Cleansing cut living outside is more dirty than you can imagine. I never want to go back, bet you don’t either.

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  4. We recently purchased a homestead, so I understand your excitement. There is so much work to be done to get it up and running – labor of love! really appreciate the support you’ve been showing my blog. As a new blogger, just finding her voice, it means a lot!! I really enjoy your posts – we have a lot in common!❤️

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    • We do have a lot in common and I have been enjoying your blog very much! Hopefully we can learn lots from each other as we each find our way in the homesteading and blogging worlds 😀


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  6. Congratulations!! That is really fantastic news. I also recently bought a small homestead, but we are still waiting on planning permission to renovate… the joys of planning councils! I hope you are settling well!


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