Technology is amazing, until it breaks and suddenly you’re feeling helpless without it.

I accidentally dropped my Wacom stylus while working on a new drawing today. It just slipped out of my hand. I’ve dropped this thing plenty of times before, but this time it fell perfectly straight down and landed directly on the nib, pushing it up into the tip of the pen.

The pen comes with this handy little tool for switching the nibs, but it was pushed up just far enough that I couldn’t grab it. I thought ok, no big deal, I’ll just pull it apart and push the nib out from the inside.

Well, I got it apart, but now I can’t get it back together. It’s stuck like this:


I did manage to get the nib out after pulling the whole thing apart (not completely on purpose), but I really can’t understand why it won’t click back together and there’s a crack in the plastic. It seems like nothing good will happen if I try to push it harder, and it’ll definitely break if I try any kind of twisting. I have no idea why it won’t reconnect. If anyone out there has had this problem and wants to share a tip, please do!! Otherwise I guess it’s back to the old pencil and paper until I can get a new stylus. *sigh*

Update: Woot! Tux managed to fix it. The interior electronic board thing was jammed up into the back end of the pen, somehow preventing everything from fitting together properly. He managed to pull it out by using a bit more force than I was willing to try. When he got that part out he was able to reassemble it and it seems to be working… I haven’t tried drawing yet but the monitor did detect the pen as usual so hopefully everything is working normally. I had no idea the pen was so delicate and complicated inside. This made us realize that we should probably buy a second one so that we have a backup laying around, just in case. It was painful to have to stop just as I was making some good progress!


3 thoughts on “Oops…

    • Thanks, I did see this page and checked a few others (I think many people have had similar incidents with these), but we managed to fix it in the end! Good that you haven’t had this happen before, I don’t recommend it 😀

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