Shalah finished DA

I thought I should explain that strange creature on the home page. It’s not a mutated woolly mammoth, in case you were wondering.

The Shalah is a gigantic fluffy herbivore found on Atys. It’s peaceful and harmless when left alone but won’t hesitate to dismember you if you decide to poke it with a sharp object. Experienced homins (players) will sometimes gather in groups to hunt them with the battlecry: “Shalalalallalalalaah!”

It comes from the game Ryzom, which is a beautiful online game and happens to be where I met Tux. Tux was the one who inspired me to pick up my art tools and embrace my abilities, and I originally painted that shalah for a Ryzom player website he was working on at the time. It was one of the first things I painted digitally using the Cintiq, and was based on some reference screenshots I took in the game.

Around Christmas that year there was an in-game art contest where they added fan art to a little advent calendar. Each day you could open a box to collect a small prize and to see a player’s art, so I submitted a christmas version of the Shalah painting and it won a spot in the calendar 😀

Shalah atysmas.png

In case you’re interested, Ryzom was recently released on Steam, or it can be downloaded directly from their website.


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