I drew this about a month ago after browsing some impressive work on DeviantArt and feeling a lack of confidence in my own ability. DeviantArt can sometimes be terrible for that and I often have to just stop looking at it and concentrate on my own work. I sometimes feel that my art lacks drama, and lighting seems to … Continue reading Diaval

Is Digital Art Easier Than Traditional?

A colleague recently asked for my opinion on this, and after struggling to find a good answer all I could come up with was "it depends". I contemplated it for a long time afterwards, and still landed on the same response. It depends what you are trying to achieve. Comparing digital and traditional art is like comparing … Continue reading Is Digital Art Easier Than Traditional?

Headaches and Charcoal

This drawing was from a few months ago. I had a bad headache for six days straight and decided to try drawing something to take my mind off it. It's probably no coincidence that this is what I ended up with as it depicts pretty accurately how I was feeling at the time. Surprisingly, the headache actually started to let up … Continue reading Headaches and Charcoal

The Dreaded Human

Our game could have included only invented races as Ryzom does, but we decided that for our particular idea it would make sense to include humans too. The problem is, once you've been inventing these cool looking creatures with interesting features and abilities, humans start to look pretty dull and ordinary. Besides our big brains and … Continue reading The Dreaded Human

Creating the Hy’lox

At first it was difficult to picture an aquatic race that didn't look hideous or cliche. I wanted them to be likeable and civilized, not some kind of frilly slimy monster. I think most people would agree that salamanders are pretty cute and I don't recall having seen too many salamander inspired humanoid races before, so that … Continue reading Creating the Hy’lox

Creating the Arborean

The Arborean was the first, and easiest playable race I designed for Flypso. They are the "elves" of the flypso universe. Quick, agile, sophisticated, deeply protective of the forest, compassionate and caring but somewhat snobbish, etc. However, it was the most challenging in some ways. I wanted a tree dwelling mammal with a primate body, but I … Continue reading Creating the Arborean